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I must say that the current system is pretty neat, I enjoyed playing around with all the features and the Latex integration is truly quite nice. The interface is really smooth and sleek which I like. The ease of use is wonderful.

Pratheek Nagaraj MIT student, NASA intern

My son got in touch with a Yale math major who helped him understand a math problem that neither of us could figure out. This is a crucial year for him, and is one way for me to support his efforts.

Sarah Ming Parent, Kingston New York

Available globally 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Rayku enables tutors to set their own fees, and students to select their tutors based on price and quality. The Canadian startup estimates that this saves users an average of 60% per tutoring session compared with conventional alternatives.

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Rayku works because we show, not tell

We've put together a fast and easy-to-use whiteboard app, with everything from audio/video to a sleek math equation writer. Connect with your online tutor immediately for a painless experience.

  • Tools The equation writer makes it easy to communicate your question and thoughts
  • Board Watch as the tutor illustrates each step in a visual way on the live shared whiteboard
  • Video See or listen to the tutor explain the concepts in question as they draw it out for you in real time
  • Chat More comfortable typing? We've got you covered! Everything is recorded for you as notes

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