Here's What's Included

Each tutoring package includes a custom-built course and regular live tutoring.

2hrs per week of live online tutoring
with a world-class tutor.

24/7 access to video lessons and
, tailored to your child.

Exercises are graded and explained
by your child's tutor to ensure proper practice.

Our World-Class Tutors

Denise B. (Featured Tutor)
✔ 15 years tutoring/teaching experience
✔ BC, UK Certified Teacher
✔ Bachelors in Math (Loughborough)
✔ P.G.C.E in Mathematics Education

Jodie E. (Featured Tutor)
✔ 9 years tutoring/teaching experience
✔ NY, CA, BC Certified Teacher
✔ B.Sc in Mathematics (Brown University)
✔ Masters in Mathematics Education

As Seen On

“You have taught Sally more in the past 8 weeks than she got all year in class - you have such a calming effect on her in a way I can’t describe. It’s amazing how we can see clear progression of not only her grades but her overall enthusiasm to learning math. I really don’t know how you do it!”

Erin J, Parent, Dixon California

"My son got in touch with a Yale math major who helped him understand a math problem that neither of us could figure out. This is a crucial year for him, and is one way for me to support his efforts."

Sarah M, Parent, Kingston New York

"I must say that the current system is pretty neat, I enjoyed playing around with all the features and the Latex integration is truly quite nice. The interface is really smooth and sleek which I like. The ease of use is wonderful."

Pratheek N, MIT, NASA

Get Started Today

2 hours of tutoring per week
  • Skills assessment ($100 $20)
  • 2 hours of world-class tutoring each week
  • ✔ 24/7 access to tailored lesson materials
  • ✔ Exercises marked and graded by tutor
  • ✔ Monthly progress reports
  • Simple Pricing: $15/hour

4 hours of tutoring per week
  • Skills assessment ($100 $20)
  • 4 hours of world-class tutoring each week
  • ✔ 24/7 access to tailored lesson materials
  • ✔ Exercises marked and graded by tutor
  • ✔ Monthly progress reports
  • Simple Pricing: $14/hour

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rayku work?
Rayku tailors a customized course of lesson videos and exercises for each student, accessible 24/7 within their course portal. Then twice a week, students come online for a scheduled tutoring session with a world-class tutor. Rayku tutors mark exercises, provide feedback, and tutor students during each session.

Does Rayku fit with my child's school curriculum?
Yes - our materials are based on the Common Core State Standards, and various provincial curriculums in Canada. As part of the on-boarding process, Rayku tutors will customize a tailored course that is specific to your child's school curriculum, as well as learning attributes unique to your child.

How much does it cost?
Regular Rayku tutoring is 2 hours per week (8 per month) at $15/hour. This comes to $120/month. For students needing more tutoring each week, we also offer an accelerated plan with 4 hours per week (16 per month) at $14/hour, or $224/month.

Who is behind Rayku? Where are you based?
We are a small team of educators, entrepreneurs, and technology experts based out of Toronto, Canada. Rayku tutors have 10+ years teaching experience, with one or more degrees in mathematics, and are spread across North America.

Are there any hidden fees? Any other costs?
There are no hidden fees or any other costs. We get asked this a lot!

Where do you get your content from?
While a lot of our content is created internally, Rayku often source great videos from Khan Academy and Virtual Nerd.

Do you provide discounts for multiple students?
Yes! Please contact us for more information on multiple-student discounts.

What are the system requirements?
Rayku works with all up-to-date PCs, Macs, and tablet devices, with no additional software to install. For tutoring sessions, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.