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Online math tutoring that
Delivers Better Results
Rayku combines world-class 1-on-1 tutoring, with tailored learning materials from the very best tutors.
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  • Rayku's online tutoring classroom is used by Ryerson University to help hundreds of incoming Engineering students prepare for first year math.

Why we have the best tutors


Top Applicants

We offer top rates and attract the best applicants from across North America.


Selective Hiring

We review over 100 resumes and 3 rounds of interviews, before hiring each Rayku tutor.


Results matter

We evaluate our tutors rigourously, and incentivize them based on delivering tangible results.

How It Works

Each Rayku tutoring package includes a custom-built course and scheduled online tutoring.

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Start by taking a 30-minute assessment for your child, with a world-class tutor.

Review Course

From your assessment, we customize a tailored course of lessons for you and your child to review.

Start Learning!

Begin working with your child’s tutor in our online tutoring classroom.


We Deliver Results
It’s really all we care about.

If your child doesn’t make a significant improvement, we will refund your money - it’s as simple as that!

Simple Pricing

8 Hours / month
Regular Plan$120
  • 30-min skills assessment (additional $20)
  • Customized course of lesson videos & exercises
  • 2 scheduled tutoring sessions each week (1 hour each)
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30-day money back guarantee
16 Hours / month
Accelerated Plan$224
  • 30-min skills assessment (additional $20)
  • Customized course of lesson videos & exercises
  • 4 scheduled tutoring sessions each week (1 hour each)
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30-day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rayku work?
Rayku tailors a customized course of lesson videos and exercises for each student, accessible 24/7 within their course portal. Then twice a week, students come online for a scheduled tutoring session with a world-class tutor. Rayku tutors mark exercises, provide feedback, and tutor students during each session.
How much does it cost?
Regular Rayku tutoring is 2 hours per week (8 per month) at $15/hour. This comes to $120/month. For students needing more tutoring each week, we also offer an accelerated plan with 4 hours per week (16 per month) at $14/hour, or $224/month.
Are there any hidden fees? Any other costs?
There are no hidden fees or any other costs. We get asked this a lot!
Do you provide discounts for multiple students?
Yes! Please contact us for more information on multiple-student discounts.
Does Rayku fit with my child's school curriculum?
Yes - our materials are based on the Common Core State Standards, and various provincial curriculums in Canada. As part of the on-boarding process, Rayku tutors will customize a tailored course that is specific to your child's school curriculum, as well as learning attributes unique to your child.
Who is behind Rayku? Where are you based?
We are a small team of educators, entrepreneurs, and technology experts based out of Toronto, Canada. Rayku tutors have 10+ years teaching experience, with one or more degrees in mathematics, and are spread across North America.
Where do you get your content from?
While a lot of our content is created internally, Rayku often source great videos from Khan Academy and Virtual Nerd.
What are the system requirements?
Rayku works with all up-to-date PCs, Macs, and tablet devices, with no additional software to install. For tutoring sessions, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.